How the Comparison Trap Got Me Injured


Everyday we wake up & check the news feed of our FB, Instagram, &/or Twitter accounts to see what other people we know are doing.  Whether we are in tune with it or not, we’re also seeing how we measure up & fit in when it comes to achieving goals.


It’s a normal part of the ego & being human to see where we fit in based on what others are doing.  However, it’s easy to feel like we’re weaker than those that appear to be stronger than us, envious of those who seem to have more stuff or are doing more than us.  Or sometimes, we’ll even find ourselves feeling better or more significant than others, and thinking, “Well at least, I’m not doing as bad as so & so over there.”


No matter which rabbit hole the comparison trap leads you down, it can leave us feeling pretty icky if we don’t measure up.  It can also get us injured, too.


Find out in my video below, how using some other strong and influential women for inspiration got me injured because I wanted to be as strong as them, and found myself trying to skip the necessary steps to get stronger faster.  My ego got me into trouble this time, but I’ve learned a very valuable lesson.



The Bottom Line:


It’s great to use others as an inspiration to motivate us to do the BEST that we can do, but we have to take into account where we are currently on our journey.


When we compare ourselves to others, we sometimes forget how long that person has been doing the one thing that we want to get better at, and we try to progress too quickly.


Do the BEST that you can do, keep making progress, and avoid injury & feeling bad, at all costs.


Remember, PROGRESS = HAPPINESS, no matter the pace at which we’re going!


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