Just Say NO to KETO! My $.02 on the Keto Diet.


Should you go on the Keto Diet?


I guess the Keto Diet & other low carb/no carb diet extremes must be making another wave of popularity in diet culture because I’ve been hearing stuff about it on Facebook and some of the members at my gym keep asking me about it.


If you want to be be miserable and have no energy for your workouts, go ahead and try this.  In my personal opinion, KETO = MISERY!  It’s diet extremism at it’s peak.  Black and white, with no room for gray!


This diet cuts out a major food group (carbohydrates) and only allows 30-50 net grams of Carbs per day through fruits and vegetables only.


If you’re curious about what 30 grams of Carbs is, it’s about one hamburger bun, a 1/2 cup of cooked rice, or a couple of slices of regular bread.  This is extremely low, especially if you participate in any type of exercise program.


It’s built on the theory that if you starve your body from Carbs, it will use it’s fat stores for energy, and you’ll burn more fat, causing rapid weight loss for some.  This is done through controlling your insulin levels.  Notice I said starve….starving is never a good idea and usually leads to binging behavior! #justsayin


There is maybe one or two health conditions that could improve by using the Keto method, if done under the supervision of a doctor.


But here’s the thing…most people are not eating this way to improve their health, but to control the way they look, which is always a recipe for disaster.


Let me tell you something….you can stabilize your insulin levels and enjoy your life more using other methods with less extremes than the keto diet.


If you have to sit around and contemplate if an apple or a carrot has too many carbs in it, you have taken dieting way too far, and it’s only a matter of time before you have a mental breakdown, when it comes to making food choices.


I remember a time when I wouldn’t eat peas or corn, because I was worried that they had too many carbs.  I’m so glad those days are behind me, and NEVER to be revisited again.  NOT WORTH THE TIME OR THE MENTAL EFFORT!  Besides corn, carrots, and peas are delicious.


If you’re considering doing something extreme or restrictive with the way you eat, here’s a few questions that I will pose to you…


  • Is the way you’re eating right now sustainable FOREVER?
  • Could you eat like this FOREVER, even while going on vacation and attending weekly social functions with friends/family like a normal human being does?
  • Do you actually enjoy the way you’re eating right now?


If the answer is NO to any of the above questions, then what you’re doing IS NOT sustainable, and the results that you attain from doing it WILL NOT be sustainable.  I’m sorry, and I wish I had better news, but I know this to be true from personal experience.


Actually, from the research I briefly looked through, most people that have lost weight using the Keto Method have regained that weight within a year, so why torture yourself for unsustainable results?!


Any diet or way of eating that eliminates a whole food group is not going to work for most people over the long term.


Instead of looking for the next diet that’s extreme and different that you can try, have you ever thought to look at the similarities of most diets out there?


Diet plans may disagree on certain food groups like dairy, meat, or grains.  But for the most part, most agree to put an emphasis on attaining your nutrition from whole food sources, and to reduce the amount of processed/convenience foods in your diet.  Notice I said reduce….not eliminate!


We live in a society where sometimes we’re going to have to eat off plan, junk food, or processed foods because that’s all that is available and it’s convenient.  Doing this a few times a week, is not going to de-rail your efforts of being healthier and will probably make your life more enjoyable.


Here’s the thing, if you start eating different foods, your body will let you know what it likes and what it needs.  It just takes a little experimentation and patience.  You will have to tune in to how you feel after ingesting certain foods.


Again, food is not a moral dilemma.  FOOD IS JUST FOOD!


You’re not good because you ate veggies and you’re not bad because you ate a candy bar or a piece of fruit.


Food is a source of fuel that provides us with energy to live our lives.  The food and exercise choices that we make, either make us feel energetic and focused or lethargic and sluggish.  It’s your job to determine what works best for you based on the activities you want to engage in.


Unfortunately, being overly neurotic and fearful about our choices around food does not provide the freedom and balance we are striving for.  So, let’s ALL relax a little..okay?


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P.S.  If you are struggling with your choices around food or how you feel about your body, send me an email at [email protected], and let’s see what I can do to help you get on track.