About Me

Welcome and thanks for stopping by my website!  I am here to create the space for people to experience FITNESS, FUN, and CONNECTION!

I have a degree in Kinesiology from SDSU with an emphasis in Fitness, Nutrition, and Health.  I am also a Certified Health Fitness Specialist through ACSM.

I have 15 years experience in the fitness and nutrition field and trained many clients of all ages.

I have owned a neighborhood fitness center in San Diego, CA since 2009.  If you are in the SD area, I’d love for you to come see me and where the MAGIC Happens at Being-Fit Fitness Centers!

Now for the FUN, Quirky stuff!

I love Grape Advocare Spark Energy Drink and have 1 every morning! Drinking a Spark (‪#‎GSD‬ Faster) is the best part of my day, and it makes me very happy and FOCUSED! I don’t even care that it has Maltodextrin in it!

I was raised in Kansas, so I am a huge Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Fan, and can’t be bothered on important game days!  #rockchalk

If you hang out with me long enough, you’ll most likely start calling me TMoo and learn to stay on your toes because you’ll never know what’s coming next! 

I am obsessed with UNICORNS… oh yes, I believe in MAGIC, and will take any opportunity to dress up in FLARE or a COSTUME for a Theme Party or just some random holiday!  And, in case you were wondering….Yes… Halloween is my favorite holiday!  

My favorite movies are “Fight Club” and “Ace Ventura”.  

I love Gangsta Rap, Red Wine, Dancing, and I also “MEOW” at People Randomly! 

My Core Values:

  • Have FUN and CONNECT with People Everyday

I would  like to INSPIRE people to navigate the “GRAY” area in Fitness and Life! Give up the Perfectionist way of thinking, have more FUN, and just take Consistent Action!

This is a perfect concept for me to coach because I have struggled and still do struggle with the perfectionist mind-set myself and it keeps me stuck in fear and from taking action in all areas of my life…CAN YOU RELATE?

Starting now, my goal is not Ready, Aim, Fire….It’s Ready, Fire, AIM….AIM…AIM…..Constant and Consistent Action will produce results and move my progress forward, and I don’t have to know the end result to get started!


SO WHOSE WITH ME?  If you are, JUMP on your UNICORN and let’s go on this JOURNEY TOGETHER!