The Main Reason We Crave Sweets During the Holidays

  I’m convinced that one of the main reasons for craving sweets and baked goods during the holidays is because we’re STRESSED & we’re not managing our STRESS through more positive outlets, so we turn to the quick fix which gives us a boost in seratonin & dopamine, & are usually the chocolates, baked goods, &/or alcoholic beverage of your choosing.     The Good News…these temporarily make you feel better and relaxed, and give you short term relief.   The Bad News….it’s easy to overindulge rather quickly, which usually leads us to feel regretful, hungover, and even feel more tired & stress…   This isn’t a good way to start out our already busy days during the holiday season….see how this cycle can get a little vicious & repetitive.   Psssst. I’ve got a secret! Here are two strategies that will manage your stress in a more positive outlet, but we will resist it at […]

I am not a COW, so why am I always Grazing?

Do you find yourself taking samples of food while you are shopping at Sam’s Club or Costco?  Do you nibble on food as you are prepping dinner for the family or at a buffet style cocktail party?  What about opening the freezer and spooning ice cream from the container as you stare off into space?  Or do you eat chips, popcorn, or cookies right out of the bag and before you know it….the package is empty! Whoops!   What do all of these scenarios have in common?  We are usually STANDING UP &/or GRAZING while we engage in them and probably feeling a little anxious or bored, too, whether we are aware of it or not.   None the less, we are in a state of mindlessness or low awareness of what or how much food we are putting in our mouths in all of those scenarios, which can lead to […]