Daily Archives: March 31, 2015

Why am I in Constant FEAST MODE?

  FEAST MODE, not to be confused with BEAST MODE, which is where we go hard at the gym!  FEAST MODE is where we go hard at the dinner table, or wherever there is an opportunity to eat!   Lately, I feel like I’ve been in constant Feast Mode.  I’ve been thinking about food a lot more and eating and nibbling on food, even when I know that I’m not hungry or need food.  But, even though I know I’m not hungry, I’m still EATING!  W.T.H., It’s so annoying, right?   Can any of you relate?  Ever feel like food can become an obsession?  It’s like food is everywhere, lurking at every corner, and saying, “EAT ME!”  And, I feel like the food WINS more than I do; leaving me feeling powerless and defeated.   I also know that constant Feast Mode can be detrimental to our physique, fat loss, […]