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How Do I Get Motivated To Go To The Gym?


Are you sitting there waiting to “feel” motivated to get off the couch and go to the gym? That’s how I felt the other morning. Just Blah….NO Energy….No Inspiration to do ANYTHING, but to sit and stare at my phone! Don’t you wish staring at your FB Feed would energize, motivate, and inspire you? Well, that hasn’t magically happened to me yet!  How about you?



I think we sometimes think motivation is a feeling that will wash over us and make us want to take action on something, but it’s not. We actually feel motivated when we take ACTION! I knew the other day that the only way to change my emotional state was to workout, even though I didn’t want to.


But, I went to the gym anyways. I turned on my gangsta rap, and started my warm up. In less than 5 minutes, I was feeling more energetic and motivated. I went on to complete the Spartan Workout (it’s brutal), and even set a new PR in my Dead Lift. I left the gym in a whole different state of mind and then went on to accomplish my daily tasks with some energy.


If I had let my feelings dictate if I went to the gym or not, none of that would have happened, and my day would have gone very different.  Some of the best workouts that I’ve ended up having where on days that I didn’t “feel” like working out!


The Lesson


You won’t feel more motivated or energetic tomorrow or next week.  We have the power to change our emotional and physical state at any time, and one of the ways to do that is thru physical movement. SO, get your lazy butt off of the couch and MOVE today! I don’t care if it’s for a walk, to dance, or to hit the gym.  DO SOMETHING, and watch your energy increase and you’ll start to feel good!


“Motion creates E-Motion!” – Tony Robbins


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