Daily Archives: August 14, 2016

Why Meal Plans and Diets Don’t Work

  I get asked all the time to write diets or meal plans for people who want to lose weight or start a healthy eating program, and all the time I say, “No, because meal plans & diets don’t work!”  I’ll definitely give people guidelines or lists of healthier choices, but meal plans and diets aren’t going to cut it for the long term.   Now some of you may be thinking, but if I know exactly WHAT and HOW much to eat, then I’ll be able to lose weight.  Well, maybe, but what if you hate every single food on the meal plan/diet I give you? Now what?  What are the chances that you’re going to stick with it….really?   I’d say highly not likely, at least I wouldn’t.  I’m not going to eat a bunch of foods I don’t like, so why would I assume that you would.  I […]