Daily Archives: June 9, 2017

What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?

  What do you see when you look in the mirror?   Most of us, when asked that question will default to what we “perceive” as faults or flaws.  Notice I said perceive, because this is subjective and from our view point, as we are more critical of ourselves than others are of us.  What we think is beautiful others may find ugly and vice versa.   Not to mention, that a lot of our “perceived” flaws are because of what we see the media deem as acceptable. And if we don’t measure up, than something is wrong with us.   I know, as a woman, how hard it can be getting dressed in the morning, for a social event, or trying on clothes in a dressing room.   Instead of focusing on how certain clothes make us feel, we are highly concerned with what these clothes look like on our body, and if […]

Just Say NO to KETO! My $.02 on the Keto Diet.

  Should you go on the Keto Diet?   I guess the Keto Diet & other low carb/no carb diet extremes must be making another wave of popularity in diet culture because I’ve been hearing stuff about it on Facebook and some of the members at my gym keep asking me about it.   If you want to be be miserable and have no energy for your workouts, go ahead and try this.  In my personal opinion, KETO = MISERY!  It’s diet extremism at it’s peak.  Black and white, with no room for gray!   This diet cuts out a major food group (carbohydrates) and only allows 30-50 net grams of Carbs per day through fruits and vegetables only.   If you’re curious about what 30 grams of Carbs is, it’s about one hamburger bun, a 1/2 cup of cooked rice, or a couple of slices of regular bread.  This is extremely low, especially if you participate in […]

Instead of a Cheat Day…Try This!

Do you have a Cheat Day?   I recently got asked if I have cheat day in regards to the way I eat?  I replied, “Nope!”  I don’t believe in cheat days and here’s why…”   Before I go into my explanation, I want to tell you that I used to have cheat days back in the day, and found it didn’t work for me for a lot of different reasons.   Cheat days easily turn into —> cheat weekends —> which easily turn into cheat weeks —> then into cheat months!  And before you know it, you’ve fallen off the wagon, the wheels have come off the wagon, and the wagon has exploded.   Then you’re scrambling and desperate to pick up the pieces and start your diet over by restricting again to make up for all this binging and fun you’ve been having with food.  And the cycle just keeps […]