Why I don’t care about fitting into my skinny jeans anymore!

I used to feel discouraged when all week long I stuck to the food and exercise plan that I was on and didn’t see the scale budge or feel my jeans fitting any better. It’s easy at this point to want to give up and just quit!     But….Wait….Stay with it! Keep your head up and keep going! No one ever won anything, fit into their skinny jeans, or reached any of their goals by quitting! It takes time to see results and changes in your body from diet and exercise. It took me years and many food and exercise experiments to really find out what worked for me!  And believe me…I’m still experimenting.   You Mean I Won’t Always See Results Right Now?   Experimentation takes patience and knowing that results aren’t going to happen over night.  I know and it sucks, I wish I had better news […]