Daily Archives: July 16, 2015

How Do I Get More Willpower?

  Willpower is finite and can be depleted.  This is a #truth for EVERYONE.  We only have so much of it everyday to use for our various tasks. This includes but is not limited to; not caving into cravings for sugar, fatty foods, or processed carbohydrates, making sure you get your exercise in after a long day at work when you’re tired, pushing through long hours to make a deadline, &/or not slapping that annoying co-worker that you can’t stand.   All of this already sounds exhausting doesn’t it? I’m exhausted after just writing about it ;).  No wonder we’re looking for ways to indulge our impulses and cravings later in the day and evening.  We just want some relief for our stress and to feel better.   But wait….Here’s the GOOD NEWS!  We can make our willpower stronger over time because it’s a lot like a muscle.  But, it […]