Daily Archives: March 13, 2016

Are You Addicted to Chocolate &/or Wine? Find Out What It’s Costing You!

  “Every decision you make in life is to either avoid pain or gain pleasure.” –   Sigmund Freud – The Pleasure Principle   It sounds like a bold statement from what some would think of as a Coo-Coo Psychoanalyst.  But, as I got to thinking about it more, it’s pretty darn true!  We are ultimately avoiding pain or gaining pleasure through our daily actions and decisions we make in each moment.   For instance, think about all the pleasure we get from: reading & learning something new to advance your life planning our next travel adventure scrolling through FB for a quick distraction working out & eating healthy going to work volunteering for a worthy cause saving money for the future socializing and hanging with friends and family   On the flip side, look at some of things we do to avoid pain or painful feelings: binge on foods high […]