Daily Archives: April 11, 2017

Do You Look “Fit”?

  Recently, I ran into an issue while trying to pick out some stock fitness photos for some advertising pieces that I needed for my fitness center.   As I started scrolling through the choices, I was like hmmmmmm…”None of these pictures represent what my current gym clientele looks like or who I want to market to at ALL!”   At Being-Fit, we have people as young as 12 and our oldest member is 94 or 95.  We have different genders, ethnicities, sizes, ages, shapes, etc.  But, all of them are there with the common goal of being fit and healthy!   I’d prefer to just take pics of our current members, but you have to have permission, etc., so it’s easier to buy them from a stock photo company.  But, most of these stock photos are usually of young and chiseled bodies.   You wouldn’t believe how long I had to spend […]