The Biggest Misconception You Have About Confidence

  Confidence is not an IF THEN…phenomena.   We all want to feel more confident.  However, we think that we can’t feel confident, happy, or motivated until we change something about ourselves or attain something that is external from ourselves…   For example, I’ll feel more confident to do ___________ when I have a better body, a better relationship, more money, more education, a better job, etc.   We have been led to believe that once we have these “things” in place that we’ll feel happy, loved, confident, and worthy.   But, guess what…it’s never enough is it? It’s an endless cycle of DO more to get more of ____________.   I know this misconception to be true from first hand experience in the gym world.  Everyone thinks that they’ll feel more confident when they reach their physique or performance goal….But guess what, it’s like we never arrive…There’s always the next level to get to […]

How to Get Your Body Summer Ready

  Ready for the EASIEST plan to get your body ready for the summer?  This will blow your mind!   All You Have To Do: Is wait for the weather to get warmer and for the calendar to say it’s officially summer!  You already have a body, so it has to go with you into whatever season it is…It doesn’t really have a choice. To get your body “bikini ready” is to put a bikini on your body….DONE!  No restrictive diets or exercise plans required.  You already have a body, just find a bikini to put on it.   I know..I know… right now your eyeballs ? are rolling into the back of your head.   But you guys, who needs the extra stress of over-restricting and over-exercising, when you could practice a little self-acceptance and just enjoy your summer and STOP worrying so much about what you look like? […]

Shifting From Body Hatred to Body Neutrality

  Body hatred runs rampant in our society, and I’d like to see that start changing.  It’s like we think that if we show ourselves some compassion, then we’ll just not care, eat whatever we want, and let ourselves go.   But, If body hatred really worked to help us eat healthy and exercise, it would’ve worked by now….if you know what I mean.   All the research I’ve come across recently points to the importance of working specifically on body acceptance.  Yep, turns out that compassion and acceptance go a long way in helping us to start treating ourselves better.   In a perfect world, we wouldn’t even think about our bodies or care about what they looked like.  We’d just go on about our business of doing stuff that we enjoy, accepting all of our beautiful differences.   But, until that day comes…I have an alternative that may help you to start […]

Do You Look “Fit”?

  Recently, I ran into an issue while trying to pick out some stock fitness photos for some advertising pieces that I needed for my fitness center.   As I started scrolling through the choices, I was like hmmmmmm…”None of these pictures represent what my current gym clientele looks like or who I want to market to at ALL!”   At Being-Fit, we have people as young as 12 and our oldest member is 94 or 95.  We have different genders, ethnicities, sizes, ages, shapes, etc.  But, all of them are there with the common goal of being fit and healthy!   I’d prefer to just take pics of our current members, but you have to have permission, etc., so it’s easier to buy them from a stock photo company.  But, most of these stock photos are usually of young and chiseled bodies.   You wouldn’t believe how long I had to spend […]

When I Lose Weight, Then…

  When I lose weight, then…. I’ll feel more confident. I’ll be happy. My doctor will get off my back about my BP, cholesterol, and diabetes. I’ll be more accepting of my body and the way it looks. I won’t cringIe every time I look in the mirror at my body. I’ll buy the clothes that I’ve always wanted to wear. I’ll be accepted by my friends, family, or co-workers. I’ll be more desirable. People will want to date me. I’ll want to exercise more. I’ll have more energy to play with my kids. I’ll go on that beach vacation and wear a bathing suit. ALL of my problems will just go away….   Ever said or thought one of the above thoughts?  I’ll be the first to raise my hand ? and say, “Sure have…I’ve even had different combinations of these thoughts, at the same time, depending on what’s going on […]