How to Get Your Body Summer Ready


Ready for the EASIEST plan to get your body ready for the summer?  This will blow your mind!


All You Have To Do:

Is wait for the weather to get warmer and for the calendar to say it’s officially summer!  You already have a body, so it has to go with you into whatever season it is…It doesn’t really have a choice.

To get your body “bikini ready” is to put a bikini on your body….DONE!  No restrictive diets or exercise plans required.  You already have a body, just find a bikini to put on it.


I know..I know… right now your eyeballs ? are rolling into the back of your head.


But you guys, who needs the extra stress of over-restricting and over-exercising, when you could practice a little self-acceptance and just enjoy your summer and STOP worrying so much about what you look like?


As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, this time of year brings a lot of anxiety for people, and the media just plays into these fears.  Get ready to see tons of magazine covers saying things like…


  • Get Your Body “Bikini Ready”
  • Summer is Coming
  • Slim Down for Summer
  • Summer Shape UP
  • blah…blah…blah…


From a scientific standpoint, even if you were thinking of starting a crazy diet and exercise plan, you probably won’t change your body significantly in that short of amount of time.  And most likely, all that restricting and over-exercising is just going to lead to a binge &/or an overuse injury.


Save your money and time!  Instead, keep exercising and eating healthy the best that you can and keep strengthening your body acceptance muscle.  Focus on eating healthy and exercising to be strong and to have the energy to engage in the summer activities that you find enjoyable!


But, Tommie, my body is really not summer ready, and I don’t like the way I look in a bathing suit…


I get that…I wouldn’t say that I feel like my body is or ever has been “summer ready”.  In fact, I don’t think any adult is ever truly ready to strut out in a bikini or bathing suit.  In fact, even at my leanest size, I still felt insecure about certain areas of my body.


But, my wish for you this summer is that instead of obsessing so much about what you look like, that you make peace with your body and focus on what truly matters in the summer…  


The FUN times spent with family & friends on vacations, at the pool, beach, lakes, & rivers, etc.  Be appreciative for all the things that your body allows you to do in the summer, such as fishing, water sports, hiking, and swimming, etc.


Whether or not we are “bikini ready” yet…. Our SELF WORTH doesn’t have to be defined by if we can wear a bikini to the beach, river, lake, or pool.


Guess What…We don’t EVEN have to wear a bikini!  Do you know how many bathing suit/cover-up options are available these days?


With the help of a sales associate, we can really find an option that accents our strong features and covers the areas that we feel a little insecure about….And believe me…we ALL have those areas!


Remember, this summer, it doesn’t matter what we are wearing that matters….What matters is that we are having FUN and making MEMORIES with our friends and family!


My nieces and friend’s kids have never once commented on my bathing suit or my body.  Their only concern is if I’m going to take them to the pool, go down the slide with them, get them some treats and food, &/or play with them.  They couldn’t care less if I was totally clothed or in a costume <–they actually expect that one from me, HA!


Growing up, my mom always took me swimming and camping during the summers.  She always went in the water with me.  Do you know, that I don’t remember what her bathing suits looked like or even caring what she looked like in a bathing suit.  However, I DO remember all the FUN I had playing games and making memories with her.


I’d say that your family and friends and the people who matter won’t remember what you looked like or what you were wearing, but they will remember if you weren’t there or didn’t want to have fun with them!




Don’t let “Being Bikini Ready” this season keep you from going on the beach vacation/cruise you want to go on, or going to the lake, river, or pool with your friends or family! Also, don’t let it get you all wrapped up in super strict/restrictive diets and exercise programs, either!


Work with your best features that you have now, accept and love yourself where you are, and continue to work on where you want to go!


Most of all, go out there and HAVE FUN and make some memories!  Because life is too short to worry so much about things we don’t have that much control over like stretch marks, cellulite, and belly rolls.


Talk Soon,