Daily Archives: April 26, 2017

How to Get Your Body Summer Ready

  Ready for the EASIEST plan to get your body ready for the summer?  This will blow your mind!   All You Have To Do: Is wait for the weather to get warmer and for the calendar to say it’s officially summer!  You already have a body, so it has to go with you into whatever season it is…It doesn’t really have a choice. To get your body “bikini ready” is to put a bikini on your body….DONE!  No restrictive diets or exercise plans required.  You already have a body, just find a bikini to put on it.   I know..I know… right now your eyeballs ? are rolling into the back of your head.   But you guys, who needs the extra stress of over-restricting and over-exercising, when you could practice a little self-acceptance and just enjoy your summer and STOP worrying so much about what you look like? […]