Daily Archives: May 4, 2017

The Biggest Misconception You Have About Confidence

  Confidence is not an IF THEN…phenomena.   We all want to feel more confident.  However, we think that we can’t feel confident, happy, or motivated until we change something about ourselves or attain something that is external from ourselves…   For example, I’ll feel more confident to do ___________ when I have a better body, a better relationship, more money, more education, a better job, etc.   We have been led to believe that once we have these “things” in place that we’ll feel happy, loved, confident, and worthy.   But, guess what…it’s never enough is it? It’s an endless cycle of DO more to get more of ____________.   I know this misconception to be true from first hand experience in the gym world.  Everyone thinks that they’ll feel more confident when they reach their physique or performance goal….But guess what, it’s like we never arrive…There’s always the next level to get to […]