A Workout Just Isn’t Enough

  I know a lot of you workout, and that’s AWESOME!  Keep it UP!  But, is it enough to stay healthy and maintain our weight loss efforts?  Because we are literally sitting ourselves to death, due to the comforts & conveniences of our current society.     Time to Grab a Friend, GO OUTSIDE, Take A WALK, and ENJOY SOME NATURE!  Join me for a FREE 7 Day Walking Challenge.  For Details, CLICK HERE!   We have become sooo lazy here in the US.  Other countries are way more active in general than we are, but we sit down any chance we get.  What’s up with that?  I find myself hunched over in a seated position way more than I would like to admit, too!  But, I can do something about that and so can YOU!   I know that some of us have jobs that require us to sit in front […]

Are You Doing The Best Form of Exercise There Is?

  With so many forms of exercise to choose from, like P90X, Zumba, running, swimming, sports, aerobics, weight training, metabolic conditioning, Yoga, Pilates, bike riding, HIIT, it could make your head spin, and keep us stuck from doing any of it!  Am I right?   There’s probably some of you that aren’t doing any exercise right now because your searching for the “perfect” most effective exercise to do to reach your goals because you don’t really like to exercise…   Don’t worry, I’m going to blow your mind with this one then….The SINGLE BEST FORM of EXERCISE on the planet that you could be doing right now is…..DRUM ROLL PLEASE……WALKING!  (mic drops…crickets chirping…)  I know you were expecting something different, hard, or torturing that will make your muscles burn and your fat melt off!   You’re thinking, “But, Tommie, I already run, lift weights, &/or go to the gym.”  Great! Me, too! […]

Are You Addicted to Chocolate &/or Wine? Find Out What It’s Costing You!

  “Every decision you make in life is to either avoid pain or gain pleasure.” –   Sigmund Freud – The Pleasure Principle   It sounds like a bold statement from what some would think of as a Coo-Coo Psychoanalyst.  But, as I got to thinking about it more, it’s pretty darn true!  We are ultimately avoiding pain or gaining pleasure through our daily actions and decisions we make in each moment.   For instance, think about all the pleasure we get from: reading & learning something new to advance your life planning our next travel adventure scrolling through FB for a quick distraction working out & eating healthy going to work volunteering for a worthy cause saving money for the future socializing and hanging with friends and family   On the flip side, look at some of things we do to avoid pain or painful feelings: binge on foods high […]

What’s Your Theme in 2016?

  “People come up with resolutions that don’t reflect what matters most to them and that makes them almost guaranteed to fail.” – Kelly McGonigal   Have you ever pondered the thought above?  I have, and I can agree!  I mean a lot of us have set goals or resolutions because we think it’s what we “should” be doing because everyone else is doing it. Or worse, we think something is wrong with us, so our goals are based in negativity, which isn’t very inspiring or motivating at all.   But, without a strong REASON or WHY for wanting to change something, it’s usually not going to last long term.  A better question we could ask ourselves is, “What do I REALLY WANT for myself and my life, and what kind of person do I want to be in the face of my circumstances?”  That’s why I suggest setting a […]

The Secrets to Success: Master Your Mind, Body, & Business

  As I reflect on the past year, I think of all that I’ve accomplished and all that I want to do in 2016.  It’s been a tremendous year of growth for me on a physical, mental, & emotional level.  I’ve had to do a lot of work to master my mindset and stay in action.  I have a lot of this growth to attribute to starting an online business from scratch.   And man, it’s been tough, much tougher than taking over and owning my brick & mortar business in San Diego.  And, I really thought that I would be a lot further along  than I am now, in one year, with my online business.  Actually, I thought about quitting several times because I just couldn’t get to where I wanted to be or thought I “should” be…Does this sound familiar to any journey you’ve been on or goal you’ve […]