I USED TO…3 Words To Eliminate From Your Vocabulary

  The next time you catch yourself saying or thinking the words, “I USED TO…”  I want you to STOP ?!  Because what follows after those three seemingly harmless words usually isn’t very motivating or up lifting.  In fact, what follows usually keeps us feeling small and like we aren’t enough.  At least, that’s what usually happens to me.   I USED TO: weigh ______ pounds (fill in whatever your lowest weight ever was) be a size _______ (fill in whatever pair of pants or dress you can’t wear now) be able to run _______ miles be able to run a ________ minute mile be able to lift ______ pounds eat healthier sleep better have less wrinkles or look younger have a better relationship with my partner feel more happy be less stressed workout more consistently have a better job make or have more money have more fun and the list goes […]

Expect to Mess-Up on Your Health and Fitness Journey

  Today’s blog is short, sweet, and simple, but very important for us to understand if we’re going to make a healthy lifestyle SUSTAINABLE!   “There is no such thing as failure in this process — it’s just like learning an instrument or a new language — the expectation SHOULD BE that you will mess-up, and often.” – Jill Coleman     I think my previous online biz coach/mentor, Jill, put this very simply about the importance of not giving up and building RESILIENCY on your health &  fitness journey. There will be ups and downs, so EXPECT that, and keep putting one foot in front of the other!   EXPECT Mess-Ups, and then Practice Self-Compassion.   I used to spend a lot of time thinking that if I was more self-critical after a mistake or mess-up that it would force me into doing better, but all of that beratement and shame usually just caused more […]

How I Finally Learned to LOVE My Thighs

  For as long as I can remember, I disliked the way my legs and thighs looked.   These thoughts started around puberty and lasted well into my late 20s and early 30s.  I thought they were too white, too stubby & big, looked fat, and I was pretty sure that I had thunder thighs.  I could also add that I didn’t appreciate the dimples and cellulite, that had found a comfy home nestled on the backs of my thighs, not too mention, the stretch marks that showed up during my rapid growth spurt.   So what did I do about this predicament?   Well, I spent many years exercising excessively and dieting, so that I could have legs like Cameron Diaz!  But really, doesn’t she have the best legs?  If only Cameron knew how many miles I ran striving to get legs like her!   Boy, do I wish I could get some of that time back, considering Cameron and I have […]

Forget “Analysis Paralysis.” Become a Decision-Making Ninja Instead!

I first heard the term “Analysis Paralysis” from one of my best friends, Piper, when she commented on one of my Facebook posts where I was sharing and elaborating on a blog post about “How To Get Results” written by my Fitness/Business Coach, Jill Coleman, of JillFit Physiques.   I thought it was hilarious because it’s so true, and I asked her if I could use her term in an upcoming blog, giving her full credit of course.  She said, “Sure!  But, I’m pretty sure I didn’t make that up.  I’ve heard it before, but go for it!”  Of course, Piper’s vocabulary is much bigger than mine, so this was a new term for me to hear, and I was impressed 😉   What is “Analysis Paralysis”?   Curious to see if Piper had coined this term or there where others using it, I did a basic google search for […]

Strive for Progress not Perfection

This is one of my favorite core values to write on, and I believe one of the most important mindset tips when it comes to creating a Fit and Fabulous life, as well as, exercising and eating healthy consistently. I’ll start out by saying that I’m a recovering perfectionist, and by recovering, I mean with the ability to go back to perfectionism at any given moment, especially if I am under pressure, stressed, feeling like I might fail at something new, or feeling anxious about something in general. However, something finally clicked for me over the last couple of years regarding perfectionism.  There is NO PERFECT!  It’s all made up in our heads, and what I started to realize was that all this fear of getting something wrong, failing at a goal, making a mistake, &/or looking like I have no idea what the hell I’m doing, was just keeping me STUCK IN LIFE!  It was keeping me playing a small game […]