Shifting From Body Hatred to Body Neutrality

  Body hatred runs rampant in our society, and I’d like to see that start changing.  It’s like we think that if we show ourselves some compassion, then we’ll just not care, eat whatever we want, and let ourselves go.   But, If body hatred really worked to help us eat healthy and exercise, it would’ve worked by now….if you know what I mean.   All the research I’ve come across recently points to the importance of working specifically on body acceptance.  Yep, turns out that compassion and acceptance go a long way in helping us to start treating ourselves better.   In a perfect world, we wouldn’t even think about our bodies or care about what they looked like.  We’d just go on about our business of doing stuff that we enjoy, accepting all of our beautiful differences.   But, until that day comes…I have an alternative that may help you to start […]

“91% of Women Dislike Their Bodies!”

  “91% OF WOMEN DISLIKE THEIR BODIES!” This is a recent statistic I came across recently on Beautiful Magazine.  And I wonder why that is? ?     Could it be that we’re hit with images like THESE from the media EVERYWHERE we look?   91% is ALOT, and I’d like to start changing that!  I’d say most women during their lifetime feel some kind of pressure about how she’s “suppose to look” to be accepted or feel worthy (myself included). Drop Pounds Quickly Look Younger by Erasing Wrinkles (Anti-Aging) Look Thinner & Fitter Get Flat Abs & a Tight Butt Eat Clean And on and on and on…   They claim if we do these things that we’ll have the dream life, job, car, relationship, and social status that we’ve always wanted! With a cherry on top…   And if you think that thin, “normal weight”, healthy, models, &/or fit people […]

When I Lose Weight, Then…

  When I lose weight, then…. I’ll feel more confident. I’ll be happy. My doctor will get off my back about my BP, cholesterol, and diabetes. I’ll be more accepting of my body and the way it looks. I won’t cringIe every time I look in the mirror at my body. I’ll buy the clothes that I’ve always wanted to wear. I’ll be accepted by my friends, family, or co-workers. I’ll be more desirable. People will want to date me. I’ll want to exercise more. I’ll have more energy to play with my kids. I’ll go on that beach vacation and wear a bathing suit. ALL of my problems will just go away….   Ever said or thought one of the above thoughts?  I’ll be the first to raise my hand ? and say, “Sure have…I’ve even had different combinations of these thoughts, at the same time, depending on what’s going on […]

How I Finally Learned to LOVE My Thighs

  For as long as I can remember, I disliked the way my legs and thighs looked.   These thoughts started around puberty and lasted well into my late 20s and early 30s.  I thought they were too white, too stubby & big, looked fat, and I was pretty sure that I had thunder thighs.  I could also add that I didn’t appreciate the dimples and cellulite, that had found a comfy home nestled on the backs of my thighs, not too mention, the stretch marks that showed up during my rapid growth spurt.   So what did I do about this predicament?   Well, I spent many years exercising excessively and dieting, so that I could have legs like Cameron Diaz!  But really, doesn’t she have the best legs?  If only Cameron knew how many miles I ran striving to get legs like her!   Boy, do I wish I could get some of that time back, considering Cameron and I have […]